Tuesday, May 3

Get Out Of My Life

I hate boys because they are liar (especially him). I can't find the reason why boys love to make girls cry, give up, frustrated,and etc. Can anyone answer me for this? I have been coupling so many times (all together=3 times). The first one started in my first year of high school. It's only last for 2 years. Then I moved to another school (not because of frustrating or what, but my father have to work here). My new friends there are really awesome! A senior of two years upper asked me to be prom partner. Hey, guess what, my parents said "Okay, but make sure he send you back home right after the event finish"(what a superb parents I have). However our relationship last for a few months only. I still haven't ask him why. But it's okay for me since I want to concentrate on my SPM the following years. The last boy that I date with is him. We know each other since September 2, 2008. He approach me on January 9, 2009 and he left me for a girl that he just know for less than a week on April 24, 2011. What the FUCK he is. I wonder what she have. I've once seen her and I can say that she's pretty but stupid for having a boyfriend who is a BIG LIAR! I hope the girl can read this (I don't even know if she has blog or not). For those who have the same life story as mine, please feel free to share it. Last but not least, BOYS ARE ALL LIAR!

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  1. all the boys are fucking same. hey! come on chill we are still young. juz enjoy our life :)


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